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TROBO – the Storytelling Robot

The following device is not developing coding skills, but cute educational toy for youngsters. TROBOs are lovable, huggable plush toy robots that teach kids (children age 2-5) about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through fun, interactive digital storybooks. TROBOs answer kids questions through engaging stories grounded in real science to explain complex subjects in fun ways that kids can understand.

Children build their own avatar and can even add their name to the app. The app works in English and Spanish. Our Shark story is a short format example. After enjoying that one, in-app purchase the other stories about topics like honey, lightning, cars, gravity, and counting money.

The stories are personalized – the TROBO calls your child by name and they can even build their own avatar so they go on adventures with TROBO.

Our stories introduce children to basic STEM concepts through stories that are included with your TROBO:
How is Honey Made? (Chemistry)
What is Lightning? (Weather)
How does a Car Work? (Mechanical Engineering)
How do I Count Money? (Math)
TROBO also includes games that provide hours of entertainment:
TROBO Hide and Seek
TROBO Hot Potato
MyPal TROBO – Push buttons on the screen and TROBO talks!

TROBOs work with iPhones and iPads.  If you are buying them as a gift, please ask your loved ones what devices they have before ordering. We would still love your order, but we don’t want to disappoint any little kiddos who have an Android tablet.

The price of the robot itself  around 70 USD, and the monthly subscription for unlimited story not even cheap:
– Length of the annual subscription: 1 year.  (it is currently inactive) , price of subscription: $36/mo
– Price per stories: Most stories are normally $4.99, some short stories are $0.99, and some may vary in between these prices, based on value.

Teaching effectiveness6
Fun factor6.5
Value for money3.1
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