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TinkerBots – Lego compatible robot building set

TinkerBots is a toy building set with easy-to-add robotics that make it possible for young children (and adults, too) to create an endless number of toy robots simply by snapping together TinkerBots’ patented “Power Brain,” kinetic modules and passive pieces, and even LEGO bricks. No wiring or programming required. TinkerBots is like “living LEGOs.” TinkerBots is the perfect hands-on introduction to the world of robotics. While experiencing hours of fun, children won’t even notice that they are actually learning something extremely valuable and getting a solid foundation in technology.

Each TinkerBot robot requires a power block if it’s to be able to animate (the red cube is the power block). This includes a battery, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, plus other sensors such as a gyro/accelerometer.

The rest of the robot is put together using various kinetic modules, which support different types of movements (such as twisting, pivoting and rolling), and wireless or passive connector blocks. Connecting up the pieces is designed to be ‘child’s play’, with blocks snapping together like Lego and no wiring or programming required to get them to animate.


TinkerBots is not only for children; it’s for the entire family. It’s a toy that fascinates kids and parents alike, engaging them in play together, and in sharing a learning experience. And with its Arduino-compatible microcontroller, Tinkerbots is also the perfect tool for schools and all the makers out there.

Controlling TinkerBots robots is as easy as it is to build them. An integrated record-and-play function on the “Power Brain” module enables children to teach their robots what to do and bring them to life. Children only need to take their creation in their hands, press the record button and move their robot in the way they want it to move. When they put it down and push the play button, the toy robot will repeat over and over exactly what it just learned. The next time, the child can teach it something completely new, or start all over to build an entirely different robot using the same TinkerBots pieces. TinkerBots robots can also be remote controlled with a tablet or smartphone using the TinkerBots app (android and iOS).

The basic sets are available in three different variations: Wheeler, Advanced Builder and Sensoric Mega Set. Each one of these sets comes with the Powerbrain, some modules and extra bricks so that you can build all kinds of robots, cars, animals, monsters, machines. With the adaptor brick kids can even combine Tinkerbots with LEGO® bricks to build even more colorful robots. Other active bricks in the TinkerBot include motors, pivots, grabbers, and IR and light sensors. All can be updated easily via the Power Brain when there’s new software available — just connect them and plug a USB cable into the Brain to flash them all at once. There’s an assortment of passive bricks in the kits, too. Cubes are roughly the size of 4 X 1 Lego, cuboids roughly 4 x 2, and two different kinds of angled prism pieces.


The prices of the different sets are between 170-370 USD depending the number and types of accessories.

Tinkerbots lets children ages 6 and up take their first steps in the world of robotics, mechanics and sensor technology.


Teaching effectiveness7.9
Fun factor8.8
Value for money5.8
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