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Third of parents say their kids are better off learning how to use computers than reading Shakespeare

A third of parents think it would be better for pupils to learn how to build a website than the works of Shakespeare , a survey found.

A study claims a pushy 44 per cent of UK parents believe it more vital for their youngster to learn digital coding in school than a foreign language like French or Spanish.

While shockingly it also found 33 per cent even claimed teaching kids computer skills was more enriching for their education than studying English Literature.

Yet the research, from digital learning provider OpenClassrooms, showed parents secretly and constantly worry about technology’s influence on their offspring.

Nine in ten parents (90 per cent) fear for their children’s safety online while 43 per cent admit their kids spend more time on their devices than with their family.

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A third of parents think computer skills are more beneficial for their children to master (Photo: Getty)

While parents believe in the importance of learning tech skills just under half felt their children get a “great” digital education at school.

Yet 32 per cent admit their resourceful kids have instead already taught themselves how to build a website.

Lorraine Thomas, founder of The Parent Coaching Academy, claims the findings prove parents need to engage more closely with their children about technology to keep them safe.

She explained: “Parents want to protect their children and make sure they are developing and learning the skills that will help them succeed in the future.

“Most of the parents I work with find their teenager’s digital world scary and unfamiliar. They don’t understand what their teenagers are doing when they are on their devices.

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“They don’t know how to handle their teenager’s relationship with technology and it can create many challenges in family relationships.

“As parents, it is essential to create a strong, positive family ethos when it comes to technology.

“We need to be talking regularly to our children about the opportunities and risks that technology has brought into our lives.”

OpenClassrooms is the completely-online professional learning and certification provider for digital skills.

Founder Pierre Dubuc , said: “Too many are feeling left behind and that technology which is second nature to their kids, has actually become a barrier within families.

“No-one should see technology or the skills needed to use it as a barrier and that is why we have created this mini-module.”


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