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Robobricks Brings Imaginative and Magical Play to Coding and Robotics

With more and more kids using screen-based devices these days, adults fear that the days of using your imagination is gone. The problem with losing this type of play is that it is crucial in the development of young minds. It’s a way for kids to utilize creative thinking skills and to discover their passions. But, with a future based on technology, it’s also more important than ever for kids to develop these skills as well. How do we strike a balance between learning these screen-based skills while still incorporating the use of imagination?

One company, Robotix, has been working on solving this problem for years. The company has been named by Intel as one of “America’s Greatest Makers” and has released several toys for kids that are screen-free, utilize imagination, and teach S.T.E.M. skills all at once.

Their latest toy is Robobricks, which is available now for pre-sale on Indiegogo. Robobricks uses a playtime favorite – building blocks – to teach kids coding and robotics. Using the building blocks provided as well as blocks from Duplo®, Mega Construx®, Morphun®, and Lego® bricks, kids can build an infinite number of interactive models like robots, cars, dinosaurs, or litrally anything they’d like to create. Then, using the Robobricks magic wand and coding chips, they can program, or code, the model to move. The program is stored and transmitted wirelessly from the wand to the Robobricks Brain Block.

The ages for Robobricks is 4 and up, though according to Robotix, 4-9 are the ideal ages for building these skills. Robotix says that this type of “fluid play” empowers children to explore magical, whimsical, imaginary worlds that seamlessly blend with real life and digital experiences.

Robobricks is available starting at $39 on the Indiegogo page.


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