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KIBO robot kit – with brilliant command system

Kibo is a great game and educational tool with unique control mode, which is very well support the children programming thinking. The only problem is the price, one full kits costs 399 USD.

KinderLab Robotics robot building and programming platform called Kibo that’s designed for youngsters from 4 years and up. After customizing and personalizing a two-wheeled base unit, the kids can tell the robot what they want it to do by grabbing some colorful wooden blocks, putting them in order according to a specific function and scanning their bar codes into the base in sequence. Pressing a button will then start the program running and the robot creation springs to life.

The Kibo robot kit is designed for kids aged between four and seven. Its makers say that it not only appeals to children interested in technology and gadgetry, but also taps into arty types and those who enjoy making things using their hands. It allows young tinkerers to build a robot using supplied modular components, personalize it with art designs and then program it to do their bidding, without going anywhere near high end tech like computers, tablets or smartphones.

KIBO robot kits can be purchased individually, or combined to form a classroom package. Student workbooks, curriculum, assessments and KIBO training for teachers are also available.


Teaching effectiveness9
Fun factor9
Value for money2.9
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