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Google And Wonder Woman Teach Girls How To Code

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There are many initiatives and projects to teach children how to code, and many of these initiatives are aimed specifically at girls to encourage them to enter an otherwise male-dominated career.

According to Google, about 22% of gaming developers are women. So Google has teamed up with the Wonder Woman movie to launch a new coding project that is based around the movie.
It is part of Google’s Made with Code initiative. This project will have kids code three unique scenes from the movie using introductory coding principles that will have Wonder Woman navigating obstacles and to reach her ultimate goal.

Google says that, “Made with Code, Google’s initiative to champion the next generation of female leaders and inspire them to see coding as a way to pursue their dreams, is releasing a new interactive coding project for wonder women everywhere to add coding to their superpower toolkit.”

It looks like a pretty fun learning experience for kids and while it is aimed at girls, boys can join in on the fun as well. If you are interested in checking it out, head over to Made with Code’s website for the details. Then have some fun times while learning to code.

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