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CodeCombat teaches coding by playing

The CodeCombat game is a browser-based role-playing game that teaches the programming language Javascript, as well as the fundamentals of computer science. In order to advance through the game’s levels, players must prove their knowledge by writing code. It includes both single-player and multi-player components, and is targeted at a secondary school audience.

The program is so helpful and interactive that you don’t even need a teacher with a background in CS to teach it. The tool gets kids coding from day one in a game-like environment. The curriculum is designed to cover more programming skills than any other curriculum. It covers all levels and even gets advanced enough to even meet the requirements for the AP CS exam and elite programs such as a Stanford undergraduate computer science course.

The screen is split between a code editor on the right and a labyrinth on the left half. Inside the labyrinth is an avatar the player can control using a restricted set of commands. In each level, the player is assigned a set of tasks—usually to collect gems, defeat monsters, and move to the exit of a level. The player is gradually introduced to new commands like loops, conditionals, and variables. Using JavaScript, Python, and other programming platforms, players command their on-screen warriors into action, making them move around, engage in battle, and blast enemies.

Many schools are implementing CodeCombat as the main computer science curriculum. The creators published a set of curriculum resources in our Resource Hub, which includes lesson plans, exercises, activities, and writing prompts to encourage reflection and retention. Also printable guides available for students to reference as they work through levels. Introduction to Computer Science course does not require student licenses. It takes 1-3 hours depending on your students’ ages and experience. A license provides a single student access to the entire curriculum beyond the trial course.

CodeCombat is recommended for students aged 9 and up.

Teaching effectiveness8.5
Fun factor8.7
Value for money6.7
Reader Rating2 Votes8.8

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