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Code Jumper – Inspiring Visually Impaired Kids to Learn Coding

This month Satya Nadella CEO at Microsoft shared the examples of tools that reflect the diverse experiences of customers and employees. Mainly how advances in technology can be used to empower everyone. Code Jumper is a physical coding language for students who are blind or have low vision to strengthen their coding skills.

Code Jumper

Code Jumper is a physical programming language to make the computing curriculum accessible to blind children aged seven to eleven years. Irrespective of their level of vision, in learning computer coding and programming skills through a unique, physical system. Developed by Microsoft® and distributed by APH, this educational toy bridges the skills gap and opens up the world of coding to every student.

Children not only learn fundamental programming concepts, such as sequence, iteration, selection, and variables but also get encouraged to think computationally, such as solving the same challenge in several ways.

Any teacher can facilitate Code Jumper lessons without any experience in computer science, and Code Jumper is inclusive of all children across the vison spectrum.

The Problem

Cecily Morrison, Microsoft researcher and computer scientist, started exploring options for her blind son to learn coding, which is where the drive for Code Jumper first started. Morrison was shocked to realise the limitations on code learning technology for visually impaired children. Cecily Morrison said, “Our hope is that we inspire all blind and low vision children to code regardless of where they are.”

The Answer

This project consists of a series of pods, which children can touch and manipulate, creating a physical programming environment. Each pod serves as one line of code in a program. Children can put the pods together in different orders to create different lines of code in the program. This project creates a learning environment that will work for any student who is a tactile learner. Programming is an ideal potential job opportunity for visually impaired people.


Approximately one per cent of the global programming community consists of Visually impaired people.

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