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Cato’s Hike – A Programming and Logic Odyssey

Cato’s Hike’ is a game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to teach kids and young children basic programming skills.

A Programming and Logic Odyssey takes kids on a story-based adventure through mazes to collect hearts and stars and find friends, using the logic of computer programming to guide their character. The backstory is delivered in pieces at each leg of the hike. There are keys to find, doors to unlock, and damsels in distress to rescue. To move a character, kids drag command cards into the program. They can work with beginning level commands, just telling the character to walk or jump or turn, or use more advanced tools, like loops, goto commands, if/then commands, branches, and chaining. Students can save their programs in progress and email programs to friends.


Cato’s Hike follows a method similar to other introductory programming apps — kids drag commands into a program to learn programming concepts. The adventure story adds a fun level, and the option for kids to create their own maps extends its challenge well beyond the included 60 levels. Since kids can share their programs by email, it also adds some social interaction and potential for peer feedback, which is important in programming, especially when working on a team.

Teachers can use the written instruction manual included in the help section to better understand the concepts, and then let kids go wild with it. There’s more than one way to solve each level — just as there are many ways to write successful code.


The price of the software is 5 USD and its is suitable above 4 years.

Teaching effectiveness6.2
Fun factor7.1
Value for money6.5
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