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7 Tips To Help You Learn Programming At Home


7 Tips To Help You Learn Programming At Home


Whether you are a computer science student or aspiring to self-teach yourself programming, it can be an uphill task sometimes. Mastering programming could be challenging, but with the right approach, you could become a guru. The idea is not breaking the bank to learn. With a few tips to help you, you could learn faster.

Tips for learning programming faster

First things first, you need a PC and a good reliable internet connection.

  1. Learn the basics first

In almost any situation, you need first to learn basics so that you can grasp the main concept. Some children apps teach the basics of coding. These kid-focused apps break down coding into easier terms which makes the whole learning process easy.

For adults learning to code at home, this could be a great start to help cement the basics in your mind. Apps such as Scratch and Cargo-Bot are a great start.

  1. Read books

Reading is known to increase knowledge. You should find books that are mainly for programming to help you grasp different concepts. They also help you be aware of different histories of different coding languages.

Some books may include, Think Python by Allen Downey.

  1. Code by hand

Even as you learn to code by reading books and through kids’ apps, that is not enough. Coding by hand is by far one of the most effective ways of learning to programme faster. Whether on a whiteboard or a notebook, coding by hand requires precision and caution.

When using computers, you can’t hand write code to check if the work is done correctly. It is time-consuming, but this is what will increase your prospects of getting a job.

Coding by hand is one of the components of technical interviews as this is a universal ultimate test to check a programmer’s proficiency. It eventually helps you become very competent.

  1. Play code games

Coding doesn’t have to be so serious. You can find fun ideas to learn such as coding games. There are numerous coding games you can play online for free. Games are an excellent way to ensure you grasp the concepts while having fun.

Games act as supplements of the theory and practice lessons you’ve been having. If you are the kind of people who prefer building their own games, there are several online tutorials to help you create your own online game.

Codecombat and CodinGame are some examples which will see you through the creation process.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As much as you are trying to learn everything on your own, ask for help when you need it. People often learn quicker with mentors.

Getting stuck is normal, but maybe all it needs is an extra pair of eyes. There are chances that you will move faster on a topic you think is difficult if you ask for help. You could ask online and get feedback or ask face-to-face.

The truth is, every programmer was once in your shoes. You’ll be surprised at how much people are willing to help and share their knowledge.

Just as getting to Solve a Page Fault in a Non-paged Area is a relief, so is getting to crack some code. Asking for help does not mean that every time you get stuck, you ask for help. Struggle with it to get an answer as this makes you a better programmer. Ask only when you’ve tried, and you can’t seem to get a solution.

  1. Online resources are a goldmine

Technology has made it easy for us to get answers to almost any question we ask. Whether it is a particular lecture or concept that got you stuck, online resources can be helpful.

Understand that everybody learns differently, you just need to know what your style is and perfect it. YouTube tutorials and blog articles are great resources for information.

There are free programming websites that could help sharpen your programming skills. Code Academy is a great choice that offers courses such as PHP, Python, JavaScript and so much more. If you need a personal coach, Udacity is a great site though you have to pay for the services.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Reading books isn’t enough, practice programming when you have time. Regular practice helps you engage with the code which allows you to grasp coding knowledge with time. Most importantly, remember that you may be asked to code by hand during a job interview which is why you need to familiarize yourself for a chance to pass the interviews.

This helps you improve your skills and increase your chances of earning sooner.

Sometimes, programming can be mentally exhausting especially when you don’t seem to grasp some concepts: patience and regular practice work. Learning programming online at home is both cost-efficient and flexible. It is an excellent way of adding your expertise.


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