codeforchildren | 2018 February
A lot of parents want their childrens to learn a little about programming. We would like to collect of ideas and resources that help to teach kids about coding.
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No one can deny that kids love getting mail, and the trend of subscription boxes has turned that excitement into something even bigger. From boxes that focus on science, technology, engineering and math, to packages related to literacy, there are several subscription services from which to choose. The best part? Kids can look forward to receiving their box every month and get excited to learn. Here are 12 subscription boxes that will be a gift year-round. Kiwi Crate Kiwi Crate is...

The pocket-size Ozobot Evo (ages 8 and up) does not need a screen; instead, it follows commands drawn on paper with color markers. Ozobot even has printable mazes, puzzles and races for Evo to follow. For those looking for more challenging tasks, Ozobot offers a Blockly application for advanced programming. The Osmo Coding Jam kit (ages 6 to 12) requires a mobile device, but the coding blocks are physical tiles that must be linked together in front of a tablet. The...

With children learning to programme in primary school, coding is the magic word in toy-land right now. Just about every new product on the market, it seems, promises to teach our offspring to be NASA-level programmers by the New Year, all while having the time of their lives. But, as with any consumer craze, the challenge is to separate out the products that live up to the hype from those that are simply jumping on the bandwagon. We have looked...