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Lil’Bot – arduino based robot

Lil’Bot is a great introductory steps to the world of psysical programming. Lil’Bot is programmed just like an Arduino Uno, and takes standard Arduino shields.

About half of the Arduino memory and three quarters of the processing power are available after the balancing code and all the rest have taken their share.


  • Arduino Uno compatible, programmable through the USB
  • Can be programmed using Linux, OS X, and Windows computers.
  • Front, right and left obstacle detection using IR LEDs
  • Edge detection using an IR LED
  • A buzzer plays musical tones and astromech droid sounds.
  • Wheel encoders for precise odometry-based control
  • Open-source hardware and software

The robot can be controlled with visual programming language called Lil’Blocks.  Lil’Blocks is a block-based programming language based on Fred Lin’s BlocklyDuino, a dialect of Neil Fraser’s Blockly for Arduino. Blockly is the Hour of Code’s choice language to introduce children to programming.

For the younger child, block programming is little more than assembling Lego bricks, yet allows a firm grasp of basic programming concepts.

The robot cost about 160 usd.

Teaching effectiveness6.5
Fun factor4.9
Value for money8.2
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