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12 Subscription Boxes For Kids That Will Be A Gift Year-Round

No one can deny that kids love getting mail, and the trend of subscription boxes has turned that excitement into something even bigger.

From boxes that focus on science, technology, engineering and math, to packages related to literacy, there are several subscription services from which to choose. The best part? Kids can look forward to receiving their box every month and get excited to learn. Here are 12 subscription boxes that will be a gift year-round.

Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is a subscription box that focuses on STEM, but also highlights the value of art. The service is divided into age groups that range from 24 months to 16 years old or older. There is also a special newborn package to get the learning going early. The boxes include tons of activities and tips for parents to encourage exploration and discovery in their kids’ lives. Monthly packages start at $19.95, but they also can be purchased in bundles.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box is all about STEM. Motivated by kids’ curiosity, the subscription includes monthly boxes filled with everything kids need to complete activities like “inquiry experiments” and “engineering design challenges,” as well as accessories like notebooks and lab safety glasses. According to the site, Groovy Lab in a Box has a team of “scientists, parents, educators and business owners who have worked in the private sector of the science community” behind it encouraging kids to embrace their love for STEM. Boxes are available for $29.95 in the month-to-month option or in bundles.

Sensory TheraPLAY Box

The mom behind Sensory TheraPLAY Box is an occupational therapist with experience working with children with autism and developmental delays. The boxes include products recommended both by therapists and parents as well as common toys that may serve some sensory purpose. As the site puts it, the subscription is all about “therapeutic play.” Monthly subscriptions begin at $39.95.

Girls Can! Crate

If the name didn’t give away the mission behind this subscription box, Girls Can! Crate tackles gender stereotypes and highlights empowered women. Each box features an inspiring role model (like film director Ava DuVernay and astronaut Mae Jemison) and comes with activities to help kids learn about them and their industries. Crates begin at $25.95, and 10 percent of the proceeds go to local nonprofits that help girls succeed.

Just Like Me! Box

Just Like Me! Box tackles the lack of children’s books that center around African-American characters. Every box includes two to three books featuring characters of color and activities for kids to enjoy with the family. The service thrives on its mission of “exposing children of color to literature, characters, authors and stories that are reflective of them.” Boxes are $28 per month (customers can also prepay for six or 12 months).


Think your kid might have a knack for coding? Bitsbox might be the (monthly) answer. The service offers various coding projects (apps), and kids pick one they’d like to create. Using the coding information provided as a template, children can also change the app to add their signature features. They can then run the app on several different devices. Boxes start at $24.95 a month, but also come in a less expensive digital format.

Bookakery Boxes

For kids who love both reading and baking, a visit to the “Bookakery” is the ideal move. Bookakery Boxes supply children with a “kid-approved picture book” as well as a kid-friendly recipe. Families also receive an ingredient or baking tool for a bit of added help. Boxes are available for $29.95.


Got a kid who is all about clothes? KIDBOX provides “personalized shopping for your children.” The subscription service offers clothes for boys and girls ages 2 to 14, and babies size 0 to 24 months. With help from a style quiz, the folks at Kid Box will send six to seven items that go with your child’s style. And according to its site, for every KIDBOX sold, the company will give a new clothing item “to a child who really needs it through a charity of your choice.” A whole baby box costs $58, and the regular box is $98 (although parents are not obligated to keep all the items).

Little Passports

Founded by two moms, Little Passports focuses on instilling an appreciation for the world and its cultures. The company offers various monthly subscriptions based on children’s ages, ranging from 3 to 9 years or older. Kids can learn about the states that make up the U.S., countries around the world, and broader topics like oceans and music. There is also a science-themed box for children who love experiments. Prices for the subscriptions start at $12.95 a month.

The Little Feminist

The Little Feminist is a book and activity box centered around gender equality and diversity. A group of teachers, librarians and parents chooses a book of the month that features “a strong female character and/or person of color.” Kids can then learn more through provided activities, and parents can help encourage a conversation around the book, with help from family discussion questions. The book club starts at $18 a month, while the book and activity club begins at $33 a month.

The Story Box

Launched in October 2015 by a mom and dad, The Story Box provides two books in every monthly delivery that are chosen by parents and a certified speech-language pathologist. Parents can choose to receive hardcover picture books, board books or both. According to the site, the team behind The Story Box turns to books that “are engaging” and keep kids’ attention as well as “facilitate your child’s speech, language and pre-literacy skills.” Packages begin at $14.99.

We Craft Box

Kids who love crafting will love We Craft Box. The subscription service uses a theme every month (think holidays and different animals) that serves as the uniting idea behind the multiple crafts that are included. The kit also comes with instructions and all the materials for the crafts, excluding scissors. Monthly boxes are available for $24.99, but they also come in bundles.

Prices reflect what was advertised at time of publishing.


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